Friday, May 26, 2017

Pimelea physodes

Pimelea physodes is a plant of the plant Family Thymelaeaceae. The plant is native to Western Australia. It can be found at the Kings Park and Botanical Garden. The plant is comparatively small but possesses comparatively large flowers which hang down individually from a flower stock. The flowers open downwards. The flowers are certainly beautiful. For more information  go to

From the the garden  one can observe beautiful sunset. In the evening one the observe City of Perth  being slowly disappearing into darkness. Beautiful sight.

Friday, May 12, 2017


Diospyros kaki

Diospyros is a genus belonging to the plant Family Ebenaceae. Diospyros virginiana, D. kaki (D. chinensis) and  D. whyteana are among the cultivated species of the genus. The fruits are commonly known as persimmons.  The fruits of D. kaki are available in Malaysia through importation. Some persimmon plants  are grown in Malaysia but production is  too small to have impact in Malaysian market.

Seeds and fruits of Diospyros kaki

In Malaysia the fruit of persimmons is called  buah pisang kaki. Literally in English it means "foot banana fruit".  When I was young, I always thought that Ravenala madagascariensis was the plant that was called pokok pisang kaki (foot banana plant). Thus, when I bought the fruit of foot banana plant, I thought that the fruit is the fruit of Ravenala madagascariensisFeeling curious, I searched the Internet and to my surprise the name buah pisang kaki is a misnomer. The species name "kaki" is not translatable to "foot", which is the Malay word for "foot".


 Top: Seedling in May 2016 
Middle and Bottom: Budding and regrowth in May 2017

The seedling above went into dormancy in October 2016 and only underwent regrowth about seven months later. Amazing!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Trip To Japan

Japan is a holiday destination that is hard to ignore. Why?

There are several reasons for this. The order of mention of these reasons does not reflect the order of importance.

1. Accommodation

It is not unique to Japan, but like many other countries, there are found accommodations that suit whole spectrum of budget and purpose of visit. Backpackers for instance can find cheap rooms or dormitories offered by premises that cater for their budget.

2. Transportation.

Railway is a an efficient means of transportation with the city and between cities. The subways and the bullet trains provide excellent service. Information on rail transportation is readily available so that we can plan our journey or itinerary months before we leave our homes.

3.  Tourist destinations

Attractive tourist destinations are in abundance, whether it is history based, Science based, entertainment based, flower/garden based or scenery based.  Many well-kept gardens can become the main attraction for visitors. Looking at picture of Sakura and Wisteria bloom, can make one to fall in love with Japan.

4.  The people

In public, the people of Japan show good manners and helpfulness. It makes our visit to Japan memorable.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


In the 1960's to early 1970's Liverpool was famous for the Rock n' Roll music and the very much talked about music group named The Beatles.  The group took music a to an unprecedented height and until now the name The Beatles still lingers in the memories of fans who have lived in that era.

The years of 70's and 80's also marked the rise of the Liverpool Football Club into European  dominance. During those years the club won many English League Championships and four European Champion Cups. Their fifth European Champion League Final (new name) was won in 2005 in Istanbul.

One thing to note is that Liverpool is the home of  many Malay ex-seamen and their descendants. The ex-seamen chose to remain in Liverpool when Malaysia became independent in 1957.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Araluen Botanic Park

Araluen Botanic Park is located in Western Australia. The  park is located not far from city of Perth. The main attraction during September here is tulip.  The scene is wonderful  enough for Malaysian visitors to pay a visit. Tulips of different colours are planted in different locations of the park, each of which is of walking distance. Ample parking space are available within the park. Tulips belong to the plant Family Liliaceae

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Leucaena leucocephala

Leucaena leucocephala is a medium size plant from the plant Family Fabaceae. The leaves are small and borne in a rachis. The flowers are sililar to those of Mimosa species. 

The plant can produce moderately abundant flowers that give rise to elongated fruits or pods. Each pod contsins several seeds. The seeds germinate easily when spread to rge ground. They can remain viable for long duration.  

The young seeds may be used in cooking. But the plant is more known for its herbal benifits. For information please visit this blog.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lechenaultia biloba

The genus Lechenaultia  belongs to the Plant Family Goodeniaceae, Order Asterales. Some species are native to Australia. A small shrub plant species, named Lechenaultia biloba, was observed at the King Part and Botanic Garden in Perth.  The plant bears beautiful blue flowers, and hence commonly known as Blue Leschenaultia. The petals are bi lobed at the distal end.    Its blue flowers impose their presence. It is easily visible even when planted in areas crowded with other flowering plants.


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