Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Water lilies

Water lilies are classified under the genus Nymphaea and plant family Nymphaeaceae. About 70 different species of water lilies have been recorded. The flowers may be white, pink or violet in colour. There has not been much study done on the medicinal use of the plants.

These pictures were taken from a pond at UNIMAS east campus in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. Shown here are plants with white, pink or with violet flowers.

The leaves float just above the water surface. The upper surface of the leaves is water repellent. During hot weather or during the afternoon, fish may take refuge under the spreading leaves.

The presence of lilies gives a pleasant sight to otherwise dull-looking pond. It sure generates interest to walk around the pond.


Mawar said...

Salam Prof Ismad Astar,

oh, such a wonderful feeling to walk around that lovely pond! especially in early morning mist, when the sun has just want to show herself, and yet i m only a tiny butterfly trying to appreciate the great creation ...

purplemelastoma said...

Waalaikum salam.

Life is what we make it to happen, God willing of course. If we want life to be interesting we, look for things that are interesting, and we look for something esle then, it will be that something else. Looking for and appreciating God's creations can make life interesting.