Thursday, January 15, 2009

African Tulip

A perennial tree at the east campus of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) in Sarawak, Malaysia, has caught my eyes. I have never seen a plant with such a unique flower as this. A specialist on ornamental plants has identified the species as African tulip (Spathodea campanulata). The genus Spathodea belongs to the Bignoniaceae plant Family. Bignoniaceae is comprised of more than 100 genera distributed mainly in the South American tropics. Of the 100 or more genera, eight are indegenous to Malaysia, while some are introduced into the country as ornamental plants and "landscape plants"


Mawar said...

Salam Prof Ismad,
masya Allah, thank you so much for NUA. really appreciate it. looking fwd to read YOUR novel!

hope the discovery of the mistery flowers ends up by, "subhanallah!" for HIS creation. and what a wonderful moment where the morning songbird, sing away... lend a tune to another new day. salam.

purplemelastoma said...

Dr. Mawar,

Hope you like it... some parts of the scene are probably very familiar to you.

Yes. I have figured out the identity of the plant with the help of a colleague.

pakteh said...

Sheikh, kat Malaya pun banyak pokok Spathodea campanulata, hanya Sheikh was not paying much attention to the botany of the Malayan plants until now

purplemelastoma said...

Dear Pakteh,

It has been years that I have been looking down at minute ojects, I think it is time look up and enjoy the colourful world of plants...