Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cyrtostachys renda

There are more than five species of palms in my collection. But the most likeable of all are the red palm. It is also refered to pinang raja (King palm), lipstick palm and sealing wax palm. The scientific name of this plant is Cyrtostachys renda (Family Palmae). The plant grows more slowly compared to most other palms. On the left, three other species of palm are planted. Underneath, there are no less than twenty species of plants, some of which are plants with sweet-smelling flowers.

It was pruning time, and after pruning the plants are supplied with fertilizers, first with high nitrogen, then with high phosphorus and potassium.The plants produce flushes of green leaves, followed later by flushes of flowers. Beautiful!!


Mawar said...

Prof Ismad,
another coinsidence, we have the pinang raja too, given by my late mentor, Othman Puteh when we moved in to the current house. it grows well as the prayers and memory wafting to him...

ismad said...

I am an admirer of his writings. I have collections of his "novel remaja".
Pinang raja is a beautiful plant. People admire beauty, and if possible, everyone would like to possess all the beutiful things that God creates.
But God has His own way to distribute beutiful things among the people. That why it has been said that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".