Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chelsea vs Manchester United

It is possible that Chelsea and Manchester United will be involved in three finals, which are EPL title, FA cup and the European Cup.

The race to the finish line for EPL championship, may see Chelsea unable to overcome the 4+3 (one game in hand) points deficit against United. But the prospect of the other two competitions being fought in-thight rope is possible. I would say that MU wins two and Chelsea wins one.

Liverpool? They can drop two games immediately and goes into oblivion. Too bad!

This is just my feeling...God knows best.


pakteh said...

Dear Purple Melastoma
1. One of your three prophecies had been answered when MU was beaten by Everton on penalty kicks
2. In the EPL, I think MU will win it
3. Hoever, in the European Cup the final is between MU and Chelsea/Barcelona. I wish to see it is MU vs Barcelona cos watching an all English football is rather boring
4. I'm a supporter of Kijang Mas, we are playing against Selangor for the FA Cup

purplemelastoma said...

pakteh, that is just to say that God knows best.