Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Diamonds Are Forever? What about Teachers?

"Diamonds Are Forever"

In this James Bond film, the diamonds were shining for the wrong reason. Luckily, diamonds are not forever but teachers do. Teachers glitter in the lives and linger in the minds of their former students, forever.

I always remember the inspiring figures of my former class teachers and supervisors.... Cikgu Kamaruddin, Mr. Lau Hut Yee, Ms Linda, Mr. Ong Bee Jeng, Professor George Varghese, Dr. Richard Stace-Simth and Professor Howard A. Scott.


pakteh said...

I felt the same way about diamonds and teachers. Speaking for myself I do still remember my teachers in primary, secondary schools and universities. I hold them high in my respect and admiration. Honestly I am not too sure about the present students both in schools and universities, there are too many distractions though. Syurga adalah tempat bagi guru yang berada dalam kenangan bekas murid mereka

purplemelastoma said...

pakteh, Insya-Allah most of them are the same

Mawar said...

Salam Prof Ismad
how are you?
agreed, teachers are diamonds! they are really our gems!

purplemelastoma said...

Dr. Mawar,

Yes they do