Friday, December 18, 2009

Hijrah New Year 1431

From the east, was a panoramic view of twilight after dawn of the first day of the Hijrah 1431. The Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar with the first month being the month of Muharram and the twelve month being Zulhujjah. Each month contains between 28 (very rare) and 30 days. The lunar calendar is shorter than the solar calendar by 10-11 days a year. This means that every 33 years, the lunar calendar will be one year more than the solar calendar. Another words, a person having the age of 33 solar year is actually 34 years old according the lunar calendar.

This year’s New Year that is 1 Muharram, falls on Friday 18th of December 2009. In the west there was a beautiful rainbow. Alhamdulillah, we are still able to breathe the fresh air so that we can enjoy the beauty of God's creation.


Mawar said...

Prof Ismad
selamat mendakap tahun baru yang lebih membawa kejayaan di sini dan untuk di sana...amin.

purplemelastoma said...

Dr. Mawar,

Terima kasih doakan saya. Saya juga doakan kebaikan di dunia dan di akhirat kepada Dr.