Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet-smelling plant

This sweet-smelling plant grows up to about 2.5 meters high. It can be found growing wildly in the bushes by the road side in the east coast states of Malaysia, which are Kelantan and Terengganu. Typically the stem is unbranched. The stem elongates by forming new node at the base of the apical shoot. At each node three leaves are found. The petiole of the leaves subtends a stalk at the end of which are found 2-4 flower buds. As the flower bud matures the part below the petals elongates, thus protruding the petals away from the calyx by a distance of about 5-8 cm.

The petals are typically white and five in number per flower. The reproductive structures are typically red. The flowers are sweet smelling. The smell is more obvious at night that during the day. Does anyone know the common name and the scientific name of this plant?


Mawar said...

Salam Prof Ungu

apa kabar?
alangkah bunga ini berada di laman rumah dan setiap kali angin menyelinap masuk, wanginya dibawa sama...

purplemelastoma said...


Saya Alhamdulillah baik dan sihat.

Saya suka bungi yang wangi. Natural.