Saturday, May 29, 2010

If I Had a Choice

If I had a Choice

If I had a choice of what I wish myself to be
I would probably have wished that I were a grass, whose leaves are green and its lushes are juicy
Grazed by the animals and end up as stool that soon rot and decay
Or created as a piece of leaf that dangles on the branch of a falling tree
Drops to the ground and degraded quickly by the microorganisms as food for their energy
And if I were created as an animal, I would only need to eat, to drink and to expand my belly
My history would end when I am slaughtered or eaten by the wild beasts that feed on their prey
And if I were created as a fish, I would be swimming in schools of fish happily all day
I would one day be caught in fisherman's net and ends up as food for the hungry
But would I be allowed to choose what I wished to be?
No matter what I choose and no matter I want to be,
As an object of creation I will be subjected to what the Creator prescribes me to be
Unlike those passersby, which are spared of accountability
I am created as human, and I am endowed with brain and entrusted with responsibility
To worship Allah, to take care of the world and to shape my own destiny
Knowing that one day I will die and be buried in solitude in a grave that is so lonely,
And that I will have no friend and no helper, but only deeds as my accompany,
To be resurrected and congregated with all the human race on Judgment Day,
To stand trials for the deeds and sins, where no one bears other people's sins and misery,
I have to accomplish my life objectives, fulfill my obligations and serve my duty,
I have to fill my life with deeds and avoid a life that is too worldly.
Oh Allah!
The God Who is Most Benevolent and Most Merciful,
The King of the Hereafter and Most Knowledgeable of all destinies
I only can hope and I can only pray
For Your kindness and for Your mercy
For, I have no strength to resist and no argument to set me free.
And that I am only human, thus I am most prone to err
That You will grant me success in this world and on the Judgment Day
En route to paradise, where everlasting happiness is there to stay.

29 May 2010.


Mawar said...

Salam Prof Ismad,
apa kabar?
ya, saya pernah juga terfikir, "if i had a choice"... tetapi kemudiannya saya benar-benar insaf bawah kejadian saya sebagai manusia punya banyak rahsia dan perlu selalu diperiksa. bukankah setiap kejadian yang dicipta harus difikir, ditaakul sedalamnya, mengapa....

purplemelastoma said...

Waalaikum salam.

Dr. Mawar,

Being human we should not stop trying to understand the roles and duties of human and to constantly evaluate our accomplishments.

Remember the famous quotation from Saidina Umar Al-Khattab: "Evaluate yourself before you are evaluated".