Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Plants of Malaysia

Lengkuas (Alpinia galanga)

Lengkuas or greater galanga (Alpinia galanga) belongs to the Family Zingiberaceae. This is one of the commonly found plants in the backyard of most houses in Malaysia. This is because the plant has found uses in many aspects of Malaysian lives.

The plant reproduces through rhizomes which constantly give rise to new buds and new plant. The Plant can grow up to 2 meters. Before it dies, it produces inflorescence of white flowers (see picture).

The rhizome has been used as herb for women after giving birth. It has also been used externally as traditional medicine for treating fungal infections such Tiena. In certain states in Malaysia, it is used as the main spice for a traditional fish preparation called "singgang". This is a soup-like fish preparation for which fresh lengkuas, fresh turmeric, and garlic are the main ingredients. For recipe of "singgang", please visit this site

Recent scientific studies have found secondary metabolites which have been reported to possess various biological activities.

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pakteh said...

The title should be Plants of Malaysia
It is Alpinia galanga
Such an excellent effort to popularise the common and useful plants