Monday, November 8, 2010

Plants of Malaysia

Screw Pine (Mengkuang)

Screw pine or locally known as mengkuang is a monocotyledonous plant growing in swamps. The plant belongs to the Pandanceae family and the genus Pandanus. The genus Pandanus is said to contain about 600 known species. Typically, the plant has long leaves with long parellel veins. The along the edge of the leaves are found hard spines which can prick hands while handling them. For more complete description of its biology, please refer to:

At least two species of mengkuang has been described in South East Asia. These are Pandanus odoratissimus or mengkuang laut ( and Pandanus atrocarpus (

The leaves of mengkuang have been used as materials for handicrafts. Information on handicrafts from mengkuang can be found at:


Mawar said...

assalamualaikum Prof Ungu,
apa kabar?
adakah Prof dalam bidang botani?

purplemelastoma said...

Dr. Mawar,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. Saya suka dengan ciptaan yang Maha Pencipta.