Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Princesss and the Medicine Man

Chapter 1 (1)

Once upon the time there lived a King, his Queen and their only daughter, princess Shaheefa. The King ruled his country, Jazaulaman, justly and wisely. The county was peaceful and prosperous, and in turn the citizens loved their King and the Queen.

Meanwhile, Shaheefa have grown up to be very beautiful, charming and adorable princess. The young men of Jazaulaman adored the princess. During her birthday she would appear at the garden in front of the palace to entertain and receive birthday wishes from the citizens. She would also give charity to the needy people. Young and old would flock to the garden to witness the occasion.

One of those young men who had highly adored the princess was a young man by the name of Shaheedan. He was the son of a traditional medicine doctor. Although he adored the princess, he actually never saw the princess himself. He had heard about her from his friends or from the people who had come to get medicine from his father. While many people would go to the birthday celebration of the princess, he was busy working, learning and practicing his father's trade. However, each year he would write a poem about her, admiring mostly of her kindness and her love for knowledge.

Shaheedan had grown up under tough and demanding environment. Their house was located at the edge of a small village bordering the jungle. Often, the house was visited by wild animals such as tigers, elephants, bears and snakes. He had learned from his father the action that would chase away the animals from the house. These wild animals were also encountered during their frequent trips into the deep jungle in search of medicinal plants.

But one day, when he was about seventeen years old, a big and powerful-looking tiger had refused to go away. A weird feeling had suddenly crept into his mind. His adrenalin began to shake off his calmness. It was true that he had single-handedly subdued a tiger twice before, or a bear thrice, but their sizes were nowhere near this beast. Moreover, to be face-to-face at such a close distance of less than ten meters was hardly able to provide an opportunity for Shaheedan to make any kind of meaningful maneuvers.

The tiger stared and snared purposefully. It raised its left front leg, displaying its paws and long curved claws which tapered towards the end.  Shaheedan could see the claws clearly because he focused all his attention on them. The thought that those claws would rip his flesh in a shot while made him shiver. Cold sweat begin to trickle down his vertebrates as if signalling that his life would end unceremoniously in a few moments. Even though his hopes of survival seemed to be disappearing the warrior in him will not give in without a fight.

As the beast put the left fore leg and the right hind leg to the ground, he stooped a bit to assume the position of a gladiator. The sword in his right hand was held in a position that should the beast leaped upon him, the sword would inevitably injure it. He was ready!

The tiger lifted it right front leg, but the right hind legs was dragged rather awkwardly. The sluggish movement instantly gave the impression that the tiger would not pose danger as great as he first thought. But he remained on guard should the animal make any attempt to overpower him.  With his eyes now firmly fixed at the hind leg, he moved one step forward. And to his relief the animal folded all the four legs and lay down on hit belly. He then took a few steps forward, but the animal remained lying on its belly.  From the wide experience and deep understanding of animal behaviour, he quickly grasped the idea that the animal was in trouble and in need of help. The tension began to subside and his fear of the animal was slowly going away.    Physically he became more relaxed but internally he continued to build his spiritual strength.  He continued reciting in heart the verses that have been taught to him by his teacher and master as well as his father.

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