Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Exotic birds?

This picture shows the presence of two birds, which I assume to be exotic birds, simply because I have not seen such birds before. Besides, the pictures of similar-looking birds that I have seen from various magazines are always taken from the temperate or more wintry types of climate. This further support my contention that the birds are migratory birds, which move to the equatorial rain forests during the chilly winter season. As this picture was taken around the months of January-February, it is more likely that the birds have found refuge from the less friendly temperates of the north.

However, the equatorial climate may not offer a better choice for temporary sanctuary in term of other environmental conditions. After looking at the picture several times, I can't help wondering whether the birds were feeling disgusted at the amount of garbage that have been let to pollute the waters. Recreational areas with polluted recreational waters, can hardly contribute to enhancing health well-being of those who seek to relieve their minds and their eyes from their busy and stressful daily chores .

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