Monday, May 30, 2011

Commelina diffusa a Tropical weed

Some pictures of tropical weeds often encountered in the open or shaded areas, particularly those in which, weed control is done occasionally. If weed control is seldom done, then these plants will not be able to compete with bigger or taller plants.

The flowers of this weed, Commelina diffusa (Commelinaceae), look interesting and sometimes are beautiful. The blue flowered weedy plant is a creeper, producing little blue flowers at the end/tip of the shoots. Can plant breeders breed for slow growing varieties with larger flowers? It could have a commercial value.

By the way, plant breeders are scientists who breed for new varieties of existing plants, thereby producing same plant with some particular characteristics. Plant breeding is an established discipline of Agriculture or Plant Biology.

One question to ponder:

What is Science? What is the definition of science?
If our children ask us these questions, how would we answer?

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Mawar said...

assalamualaikum Prof Ungu,

saya pernah hadir dalam satu acara memperkenalkan sains yang dikendalikan seorang profesor fizik. khalayak ramainya ialah kanak-kanak sekolah. teman-teman saya sudahi acara itu dengan keluhan. sungguh tidak memikat hati, kata mereka. saya terfikir, bagaimana pula penerimaan anak-anak yang datang?

ps: saya teringat zaman sekolah. saya sangat suka mata pelajaran fizik yang aneh itu; sebab gurunya yang ranggi. heeee :-)