Friday, July 22, 2011

Imperata cylindrica

Imperata cylindrica (Order Poales; Family Poaceae (Formally known as Graminae family)) is a weedy grass characteristically having short stem and long narrow upright leaves. In can grow in the open field or in house compounds or in the plantations. The plant can be spread locally by means of rhizomes, which can be produced easily from the original clumps. Spread over a distance is aided by the wind. The dangling inflorescens contains many seeds which are covered with fluffy appendages to aid distant spread.

Lalang, as it is locally known, is a "feared" weedy plant in the plantations. It should be gotten rid off as soon as it is spotted. Control can be done chemically using systemic weedicides or by digging the clumps along with the rhizomes out of the soil.

An enemy to the planters may be, but can be a friend to the herbalists. As has been documented, lalang is used as a herb for certain ailments.

The plant

The inflorescens and the seeds

The stem, roots and the rhizomes

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