Friday, July 15, 2011

Murraya paniculata

Murraya paniculata Jack (Order Sapindales; Family: Rutaceae) is a shrubby tropical plant. Common names vary with language, but the name orange jasmine, is well-known. This name is probably given because of its sweet smelling flowers like that of jasmine flowers and the closeness of the plant with citrus plants. Murraya paniculata is often confused with a closely related citrus species called Merrillia caloxylon, which should be called ketenggah

In Malaysia it is called kemuning. Why does a plant bearing white flowers being named as kemuning? Hard to tell, because the word kemuning is not found in the authoritative Malay Language Dictionary,"Kamus Dewan".

When grown alone the plant can attain a round shape. Older plants can attain a height of about 3 meters. The plant has been used as landscape beautification. Because of its shape and size, it has been planted close to buildings.

Scientific studies have been made on Murraya paniculata. Biological activities of extracts and isolated compounds have been reported.

All pictures below are taken in Sarawak.

Rhymed Poetry Conner

Bunga kemuning memang ternama
Tentang bauan yang menghilang hiba
Malam hening bulan purnama
Tanda Nisfu sya'aban sudahpun tiba

Orange jasmine is wide-spreadly well-known
For its fragrance that drive away sadness
The night is clear and brightened by the full moon
An indication of the arrival of mid Sha'aban month

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