Thursday, September 1, 2011

Automn and sports

With the automn or fall season arriving certain sports begin to be active especially in the US and Canada. The football (soccer) season in Europe has begun some 3 to 4 weeks ago, while some sports such as motor racing (F1 and MotoGP) baseball and MLS in the US soccer are winding up.

Among the sports that get the US students and the surrounding campus communities excited is the collegaate football. Everyone concerned are already thinking who will be the national champions. Can Oklahoma University (OU) maintain their no. 1 pre-season ranking till January? Can the SEC win six straight NCAA championship with the likes of Alabama and LSU? Can teams from the North or the West win it? And best of all is the question whether a non-BSC team like TCU or Boise State be given the chance to compete for the national title?

Yes! a lot of speculation as to who will be the national champs. Can an unranked team steal the show? Or can a lowly ranked team like Auburn did last year be repeated?

Wait and see.

For sure, all that will happen is just a form of recreation.

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