Thursday, January 19, 2012

US Collage Footbal

On 9th January 2012, Alabama of the Southeastern conference were crowned as the BCS National Champions for collage football (American football, that is). However, several questions were left unanswered. Should there be a playoff system to determine the champions, like the one used in basketball? If there is, in what form, a four-team playoff system or sixteen-team playoff system? Would playoff system drain-off the students athletes?

Other questions include such thing as, should Oklahoma State be given the chance to go to the title game against the number one ranked LSU, in place of no 2 ranked Alabama, on the reasons that LSU and Alabama are from the same conference, and LSU have beaten Alabama during the regular season? Should there be a rematch between two schools that have met in the conference game, where LSU got the better of Alabama by two field goals to one? Does beating LSU in the title game, provided enough reason (credential) to vote for Alabama as the number one team, taking in consideration that during the regular season LSU beat many top teams including Alabama, Oregon (Ranked number 4) and Arkansas (Ranked Number 5) convincingly, while Alabama had only Arkansas as the top team they beat?

Are Oklahoma State good enough team to go to the title game? Based on the common opponents between Oklahoma State and Arkansas, the later scored more points than Oklahoma State when both beat Texas A&M and Kansas State. Taking into consideration that both Alabama and LSU beat Arkansas handsomely (outplayed) during the regular season conference games, it would need Oklahoma State offense to play a very good game to break the huge and fast defensive lines, as well as the very good corner backs of both Alabama and LSU. Besides, it would take a lot of effort for opponent's defense to stop the huge and fast offensive lines of both Alabama and LSU. In collage football, the defensive and offensive lines contribute a lot to a team to win games. Could it be that, during the 2011-2012 season, the two teams were cut above all other collage teams, and hence no other deserve to play in the title game?

On the title game itself, most of the comments were related to the inability of the offense to put up points on the board, and hence they said, generated less excitement compared to high scoring game in other major post-season bowls. Some comments even speculated that the high scoring teams, lead by their prolific quarterbacks, could have torn apart the Alabama or LSU defense. To this kind of speculation, the pro-SEC fans argued that, the offense of those teams would simply be choked and stifled by either LSU's or Alabama's defense, just like what they did to Arkansas.

The game of football is made up of offensive plays and defensive response plays. The success of the offense over the opposing defense, will most likely result in touchdowns or field goals. On the contrary, when the defense overwhelm the offense of the opposing team, most often than not the ball has to be given back to the opposing team. In low scoring games, the defense of both teams are too strong for the offense of the opposing teams, while in high scoring games, the offense of both teams outsmart the opposing defense. In any case, appreciating perfect execution of a play or the game plan by both the offense and the defense to outsmart the opponents should be applauded and appreciated. The defense or offense that are outsmarted by the opposing team throughout the game will likely bear the blame for embarrassing losses that the team suffer. Thus, to say that football will generate more excitement when exceptionally high scores are registered, in a way may mean enjoying the embarrassment and blushes being experienced by the battered offense or defense. With this view in mind, watching a football game would be interesting regardless on the number of points are put on the board during the game, provided that good plays are the main source of enjoyment out of watching a football game.

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