Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cat-eye fruit

The cat-eye fruit plant is a tropical subspesies Dimocarpus longan sbsp. malesianus of the temperate longan fruit plant spesies. belongs to the plant Family Sapindaceae. Locally the fruit is called mata kucing. Dimocarpus is a genus in the Family Sapindaceae

The fruit mata kucing is smaller than those of longan. The plant size has been reduced with the development of dwarf varieties which are belived to originate from Thailand. In fact many fruit plant and flower varieties are belived to have come from north of the border. This shows the Except for oil plam and rubber, Thailand's agriculture is far more advanced than Malaysia.

Two of he pictures below show a relatively large hornet feeding on the polens and perhelps helping to fertilize the flowers. Hornet, with species name Vespa tropica belong to the inset Family Vespidae and Order Hymenoptera. Hornet is locally called tebuan. The hornet make their home from soil, either of the ground or at a relatively less-disturbed corner of buildings. The hornet can sting. If the nest on the ground is disturbed the hornet usually attack the nearest moving object with painful sting.

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