Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Heliotropium indicum

Heliotropium indicum is tropical weed that has been utilized in traditional medicine particularly in Africa and Asia. It is native to Asia, where it is found in agricultural areas as well as in village settlements. The plant has unique smell when the leaves are macerated with fingers or on the palm.

The plant is a relatively small-sized annual and are usually seen bearing flower inflorescens at the tips of the plant or the branches. The florets are small and white in colour. The inflorescens are usually curved, danggling when breezed by the blowing of comforting winds. This gives nice look for the appreciating eyes.

Order Lamiales
Family Boraginaceae
Genus Heliotropium
Species Heliotropium indicum L.

Application of this plant in traditional medicine include cure of wounds, skin ulcers and conjunctivitis. Besides, scientific studies have shown that extracts of the plant have Wound healing activity in rats and dose dependent histogastroprotective effect. Additionally, a recent scientific and pharmacological study using crude extract of the plant showed contractile activity on smooth muscle preparations isolated from guineapig ileum, rabbit jejunum, and rat uterus (see reference below)


Alex Boye 2010, Further Studies on the Phamacological and Taxicological Profile of Crude Extracts of HHeliotropium indicum Linn. MS Thesis.


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Prof Ungu
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