Friday, March 15, 2013

Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Clerodendrum thomsoniae is a climbing evergreen plant that bears flowers throughout the year. It can be planted to climb the fences or to climb the sides of a house. Because of the red-coloured corolla it is called the bleeding heart flower. The red colour symbolise bleeding. What about the word 'heart'? Well, I suppose the following sentence can explain why. The individual flower, when looked at from side view, has the shape of a heart.

The flowers usually appear in bunches, and in each bunch one to three flowers are fruit-bearing. The fruits are small and not fleshy. Initially, the skin is green but turn brownish as the fruit matures.

Family: Verbenaceae (Lamiaceae)
Genus: Clerodendrum


Mawar Safei said...

Prof Ungu
Allah, bunga yang sangat cantik!
apakah namanya dalam bahasa Melayu? adakah ia harum?

purplemelastoma said...

Nama dalam BM - bunga nyonya makan sirih, bungu hati berdarah. Ini mungkin nama-nama terjemahan daripada bahasa-bahasa lain. Nama betul-betul berasal dari BM, mungkin ada, tetapi tak diketahui.

Bunga ini tidak harum.