Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ketupat sotong

Ketupat is a traditional food of Malaysia. There are two types of ketupat, one of which is made using normal rice and the other from glutinous rise. Ketupat made from normal rice is more abundant in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, while ketupat made from glutinous rice is only made by the people who reside in the east coast or originally came from the east coast.

Ketupat made from normal rice is wrapped inside a enclosure weaved from young coconut leaves (Cocos mucifera). The enclosure for ketupat made from glutinous rice is made by weaving young palas leaves ( fan palm, Licuala spinosa). Can have a look at the picture of glutinous rice ketupat by clicking here.

It is really fascinating how the idea of wrapping rice in the coconut of palas leaves. However,  wrapping the glutinous rice within the stomach of a squid to make ketupat sotong (squid ketupat)  is more facinating.

Anyway, the squid ketupat is served in a deep plate with gravy made up of coconut milk flavoured with selected spices. So far, I have only eaten this food in the state of Terengganu.

If you would like to try, ask for it this way: "Ketupat sotong satu", "One squid ketupat, please"

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