Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tilapia aquaculture

In recent years Malaysia has identified aquaculture as additional source of fish for internal consumption. This is both due to the increase in population (including 2.3 millions foriegn workers) and the decline in marine and fresh water fish supplies. Besides, it has been hinted that fish caught in deep-sea fishing areas finds its more lucrative markets in foriegn countries.

Aquaculture for marine fish gain increasing interest among aquaculturists, because some sections of the population are not compatible with fresh-water fish for the reason that fresh-water fish somewhat posesses strong fishy smell and taste.

Two  fish type that are produced through aquaculture are Tilapia and catfish. Marine Tilapia is cultured in aquaculture ponds close to seaside. The ponds can be filled with sea water during tide and water can be drained off when the sea water recedes.  The ability to use natural mechanism to manage water helps in reducing costs since operation can be achieved without the use of pumps.

These pictures were taken at Sadong Jaya, Sarawak.  Read about Sadong Jaya from this site and about Tilapia from this site

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