Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ferry across Sarawak rivers

Sarawak in the largest state in Malaysia. It also has the longest coastline in the country. Hence, it is not hard to imagine that the state also boasts the most number of rivers and their tributaries. Some of the rivers are fairly wide and building bridges may cost a lot of money.

Traditionally, boats are and still remain the most frequently used means of transportation particularly towards the interior divisions. Althogh many bridges have been built at many points along the rivers, boats and ferries are still common place, particularly to connect roads with less traffics.

It seems that, over time, bridges have slowly replaced the traditional means of crossing rivers. However, for reminiscent of the past some ferries services should be preserved, otherwise the youger generations may not appreciate the inconvenience of the people in the past and development that have shaoed the lifestyle of the people of state and the country.

There is a traditional song named "Sayang Sarawak". It is nostalgic for many people. It is about a man who has to leave his loved one behind because his boat is too small to bring her along. You can listen using this url:


Waiting for ferry to arrive

Boarding the ferry

Ready to disembark

Ferrying people on their way to work 

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