Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Cashew nut Orchard

Chapter 11

April is typically hot and dry. The wind blows from inland towards the sea. The sky often devoid of clouds. The ground always dry, and when the wind blows occasionally stronger dusts and small sand particles can fill the air. The grasses that grow on sandy grounds turn yellow to brownish tinge. Under such condition, it is not a nice feeling to walk around, especially in the afternoon.

 People always want to escape the sun. Besides, they always take measures to cool down their bodies. Often you could hear people talking about having to take bath three to four times a day.  But for someone who has loved one around, such dreaded condition may not be enough to deter him or her from taking risk from what other people are shunning off.  If someone you love is with you, everything will turn beautiful.

Yes. I remembered the tale called "Laila and Majnun". It is an Arabic tale about a princess that had fallen in love with a commoner from outside Baghdad. When Majnun entered Baghdad, everything in Baghdad became so beautiful to him, so much so that he loved everything that he saw in Baghdad.  And at the moment he was me, because Siti was with me.

 I took off my eyes from the menu and looked slight to my right and then straight in front of me, "What do you like to eat, uncle, aunty?"

 Mr Abdullah and Mrs Aminah simultaneously looked at me.  After hesitation Mr Abdullah replied, "I am looking at this dish, what do you think of it?" He pointed at the item that he has chosen from the menu.

 "Aunty, can I suggest this dish for you?" I pointed at a dish on the menu as I asked her. I followed up with an  explanation about the dish.

 "I think I am okay with it."  She said and then eased herself backward, resting her back to the back of the chair.

 Finally I looked at the person sitting next to Mrs Aminah, smiling as I did.

 "I'll have the same dish."  She said, before I opened my mouth.

 "Okay. Same dish for everybody, then." I concluded. I called a waiter and made our orders. Ordering similar dish for everybody is advantageous because the time to prepare will be shorter and waiting time is shorter too. After reading our orders, the waiter left our table.

 "Uncle, aunty, Can I bring Siti along to shop for wedding ring tomorrow?" I asked politely, respecting them as I should.

Both of them looked at me and then at Siti. After a short silence Mr Abdullah gave the nod. "Since both of you are already here you might as well get it done. With you being busy most of the time, I can't see when both of you be together again. Moreover, the wedding date is only a couple of months away."

"Would you like to come along, Mom?" Siti asked, perhaps out of respect to her mother.

Mrs Aminah was hesitant but then said appropriately, "If you are shopping for your wedding gifts, it is better that you both decide together."

Siti and I looked at each other.  Siti put up a smile and said joyfully, "Thanks dad, mom. I promise it won't be long."


Mawar Safei said...

Prof Ungu,
kami menunggu sekian lamanya masa. teruskan!

purplemelastoma said...

Dr.Mawar, thank you. Insya Allah (May Allah permit) the story will continue.