Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The genus Epipremnum (Family Araceae) has 10 described species. The plant is a vine and always found climbing onto tree stems, rocks and walls. They are mainly used for decorative purposes internally for houses and offices, and externally to beautify landscape. The species can differ in term of leaf size and leaf shape. The most obvious leaf shape variation is the occurrence of lobed and entire leaves. Another notable variation is the leaf colour which differ in term of the present/absence and amount of yellow patches that form mosaic on the green background.

The two pictures below show two type of Epipremnum plants. Both the plants have similar characters except for the width/length ration of the leaves. Leaf is simple and its margin is entire, i.e. even and smooth throughout. Shape is falcate (hooked or sickle shaped); ratio of width over length is about 0.33 for the first and about 0.5 for the second; venation is pinnate.