Thursday, February 6, 2014


Agave is genus a monocotyledonous perennial plant. The leaves extend out in a whorl forming a rosette. The leaves are elongated with thorns at the margins. The leaves thick and juicy. Leaves are always variegated , with green and white or yellow colouration. Agave belongs to the Family Asparagaceae; Order Asparagales.

 Agave angustifolia 

 Agave angustifolia 

 Agave of Rome

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ochna serrulata

Ochna serrulata is a shrub plant that is commonly called  Bird's Eye Bush or Mickey Mouse bush. It is classified under the Order Malpighiales  and Family Ochnaceae.  The plant is said to have originated from Africa.

The leaves are thin and medium sized with  serrated margins (perimeter notched like a saw).

The flowers appear in two phases, the first having green sepals and receptacle, the second having red sepals and receptacles.  The green sepals open up to reveal the yellow petals. After fertilization the petals fall and the sepals close. The sepals and receptacles turn reddish and later on open up to reveal small green fruits. Later the fruits darken when matured. This is the second phase of flowering.