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Crossing the river

 There could be some useful thing on the other side of the river

 Could there be another way to know other than crossing the river?

Kuching Water front

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The Life of Final Messenger

The Life of Final Messenger

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihissalam (peace be upon him) is the last messenger that has been sent by Allah to the mankind. He was sent to all mankind from the time he assumed prophethood at the age of forty until his death. As soon as he assumed prophethood, he preached that there is only one God. No one should worship others as god. For this he received aggression and opposition from the people of Makkah where he preached for 13 year. Some people called him madman or man possessed. This kind of accusation still persist until today. Even though authentic information about the life of Prophet Muhammad is now available at finger tips in various languages, many people still choose not to know the real picture of the most noble human being ever created by Allah. Perhaps by following the lecture series on The Life of Final Messenger, 29 in all, you can be enlightened on this subject.

Prophet Muhammad SAW come from a rich and noble family. But after assuming prophethood he and his family were poverty stricken due to the aggression and boycott of the people of Makkah. After migration to Medina he continued to live a poor life even though he could have accumulated riches.  Whatever riches that were brought to him, he would distributed all of them to the poor and needy people. He stayed in the mosque while the riches were distributed, and he would not return to his house until all of the riches had been distributed. When he died, he left nothing to be inherited by his family.      

It has been said that there had been about 120,000 Prophets and Nabi (both are messengers) for the purpose of reminding their people that there is only one God and that mankind must worship only Him.  Further, individuals must follow the teachings of the prophets of their time. This is because when a new prophet is sent, he may continue teaching the teachings of the previous prophet with little additions or modifications. In other cases, the new prophet brought with him major additions or modifications. The additions or modifications are brought to suit the era during which the individuals and communities were present.

Of the 120,000 Prophets and Nabi, only 25 of them are mentioned by their names in the Al-Quran. The first Prophet, Adam, was in fact the first man created by Allah. Then, Allah sent prophets to the various communities all over the world. The successions of Prophets ended when Prophet Muhammad was sent to the desert lands of Arabia. Prophet Muhammad had lived between 570- 632 AD, which means that Prophet Muhammad SAW was sent some 600 years after the previous Prophet, that is Prophet Jesus Peace be upon him.  Although Prophets were often sent to a community alone, there were cases when more than one prophet were contemporaries.

Lists of Lectures
by Mufti Ismail Menk

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