Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bored, Depressed and Lonely?

Feeling bored, experiencing loneliness and feeling depressed? And you are either desperately want yourself to be on top of yourself, but not knowing what to do, or your are letting yourself to be overwhelmed by your sorrow.  Either way to are not on the path of a winner.

Stop wasting you precious life. Seek attention of Allah.

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Allah says He will attend to anyone who seeks His attention. Speak to Him directly with open heart :

(1) Surah Al-Baqarah 2:152

"Oleh itu, ingatlah kamu kepadaKu (dengan mematuhi hukum dan undang-undangKu), supaya Aku membalas kamu dengan kebaikan; dan bersyukurlah kamu kepadaKu dan janganlah kamu kufur (akan nikmatKu).

"Then do ye remember Me; I will remember you. Be grateful to Me, and reject not Faith."

"So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me."

(2) Surah Al-Baqarah 2:186

"Dan apabila hamba-hambaKu bertanya kepadamu mengenai Aku maka (beritahu kepada mereka): sesungguhnya Aku (Allah) sentiasa hampir (kepada mereka); Aku perkenankan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia berdoa kepadaKu. Maka hendaklah mereka menyahut seruanku (dengan mematuhi perintahKu), dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepadaKu supaya mereka menjadi baik serta betul"

"When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way."

"And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me - indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided."

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bored and have nothing to do

Have you ever heard such phrase being uttered by someone? Do you ever experienced boredom with no idea what to do?  Has ennui ever set in you that you do not feel like doing anything all day?  Have listlessness and loneliness ever overcome you that you feel like crying aloud? 

If the answer is yes, would you let that negative feeling drags you deeper and deeper into solitude? Or you would rather find antidote to it?

In the literature the meaning of boredom is given as follows: "From a psychological perspective boredom is not a lack of things to do but a lack of engaging things to do. It is also the lack of interest in and difficulty concentrating on the current activity". Thus, When life gets boring, nothing seems to be joyful to do. In fact, when boredom sets in, the person inflicted with it may not have interest to be engaged with things that are routinely done. If the person has to do the task, then the job is usually done satisfactorily. This may be due to the inability of the person to concentrate on the job that he is doing. 

Thus, allowing oneself to be in a state of prolonged boredom constitute an act of letting precious time of one’s life into waste.  

Brothers and sisters, 

Time is an precious aspect of one’s life.  For, time is entrusted upon every soul in that each and every second of it, must be spent to good use.  The word ‘good use’ here has to be returned to the purpose of one’s existence on the face of the earth.  Since the purpose of human beings on the earth is to serve Allah, the God, then spending allotted time of one’s life without doing anything, or not doing anything which can be construed as in service to Allah, has to be deemed wasteful.   

What is the purpose of the creation of human? 

In the Al-Quran Allah says  (translation):

"And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me". (Az-Zariat 51:56; Sahih International)

"I have not created the jinn and mankind to any ends other than they may worship Me". (Az-Zariat 51:56; In the Shade of Al-Quran by Syed Qutub).

The significance of preventing time wasting in life can be understood by giving purposeful attention to the hadith (Prophet Muhammad’s traditions) below: 

"The two feet of the son of Adam will not move from near his Lord on the Day of Judgment until he is asked about five (matters):- 1) about his life - how he spent it; 2) about his youth - how he took care of it; 3) about his wealth - how he earned it; 4) and where he spent it; 5) and about that which he acted upon from the knowledge that he acquired."

Thus, in letting oneself to be dragged into prolonged boredom, one would find in the Hereafter that the amount of time that has been wasted is unjustifiable.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Petunia at Registan Square

Registan Square is in Samarkand. It is a complex of three huge and beautiful buildings, which used to be  Mosque, religious schools or Madrassah, and a public building.  The complex is a reminiscent of the great empire during the  fourteen and fifteen centuries. The complex is still in the stage of restoration.  At the square that is situated in the centre of the complex, there is a beautiful garden that I cannot resist to present it here.

The plants found in the garden are planted in the shape of a square at the outside and a circle in the center. At the centre of the circle is planted an Agave plant and surrounding it are found Petunias. Petunia is a genus of ornamental plant with more than twenty five species.  The flowers have various shade of colours from white, pink to red. The Plant belongs to the family Solanaceae.

For more information about Registan and Uzbekistan follow this link:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hippeastrum sp

Hippeastrum is genus containing  bulb-forming plants (bulbous plants) belonging to the Family Amaryllidaceae.  The plant grow very well in the tropics and subtropics. The genus Hippeastrum have many species. Hybridization process has resulted in obtaining hybrids with more beautiful and colourful flowers.

There was a controversy on origin of Amaryllidaceae plants.  Molecular techniques has recently been used to separate and identify the members of the family Amaryllidaceae and related families. Now it is claimed that plants of the Amaryllis group have originated from Africa, while plant of the Amaryllidaceae group have originated from South America.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pseuderanthemum carruthersii

Pseuderanthemum is genus belonging to the  plant family Acanthaceae. This genus has many species. The species Pseuderanthemum carruthersii (Seem.) Guillaumin is a perennial shrub. It is claimed to native to the Pacific Islands of Polynesia and  Melanesia. But it is has been found in tropical countries including Malaysia, where it is grown as an ornamental plant.

The plant has broad leaves, with leaves either purplish or green with yellowish veinal areas.  The green-leaf varieties are commonly known as El Dorado, Golden Net-Bush and Yellow-vein Pseuderanthemum, while the variety with purplish leaves is commonly as purple false eranthemum. Flowers are small and are borne in inflorescence. Each flower has whitish petals, whose proximal end are coloured purple.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Cashewnut Orchard

Chapter 12

After lunch we drove a short distance to the mosque to offer the Zohor prayer. The adzan or call to  the prayer had just finished when we entered the most compound. We quickly walked into the mosque and took our ablution. At the prayer hall, the people were already standing in straight line call saf, physically and spiritually ready to begin the prayer.

Suddenly, the person standing on my right touched and shook my hand. I looked at him and it was Dr. Abdur Rahman.  I smiled back at him and the congregated prayer began.  Once the utterance of the expression of "Allahu akbar" was made, everyone will be engaged in one-to-one communication with the Creator. Because "Allahu akbar" means Allah is The Greatest, all other things are put aside.  The heart, mind and the body submit only to Him until the prayer ends.

"Alone?"  Dr. Abdur Rahman briskly asked as soon as the prayer ended.

"No. With relatives. And you are with this jamaah?" I asked in return, partially surprised at his ability to apportion his time towards calling people to Islam.

"Yes. It would be good for you to join us here after the Maghrib prayer today. We will be talking about the importance of having and nourishing our iman in our heart."  He spoke reassuringly of his conviction  to strengthen his belief and enjoin others to do the same. He said, his group were spending three day in the mosque to achieve the mission.

"I can't promise you that I can come back here this evening." I answered with a appropriately chosen words. "But if you are still here tomorrow evening I will make a point to come and join you here."

He smiled. "Insya Allah. Allah will give you strength and free you of hindrance."

I excused myself and he parted to join his group members who were sitting in a circle.

"He is a doctor in the hospital. He and his group are spending three days in this mosque to call peoplae to spread the word 'la ila ha illallah'", I explained to Mr Abdullah the people that I was talking to after the prayer.

Mr. Abdullah replied that similar group of people have also made visits to the surau in his village. He approved it for the reason that the number of village folks that come to the surau to perform the five daily prayers in congregation has increased.

When I was alone in my house that night, I spent some time to ponder of what have I contributed to my religion for the life that I have spent on this earth.

"We work hard day and night to achieve success and comfort for the short span of life on this earth. But we are all ignorant of the importance of the preparation that we have to make for our everlasting life in the hereafter." Dr. Abdul Rahman voice echoed several times in my ear while I was closing my eyes to begin my sleep for the night.

 But from the same eyes oozed out tears that I couldn't stop for a while. "Oh Allah, help me. Give me taufiq and hidayah so as I can come closer to You."

Monday, September 1, 2014


Plumeria is a genus of tree plant with about eight species. The plants belong to the Family Apocynaceae. The stem are not particularly made of hard wood. The stem undergoes branching at a distance of about 0.3 - 0.6 meters, giving rise to three branches at each level of branching. This means that after three levels of branching there will be about 27 branches.  Flowers typically arise at the tip of each branch.  The stem when cut cause white latex to ooze out of the cut surface.

The flowers  can have rend, pink, yellow or white flower. The strength of the colour may be of  softer of brighter shades depending on the species or cultivars. Each flower has five petals. Sometimes the petals may contain more than one colour.  The plant is grown as ornamental in pots or on the ground and are found in many countries all over the world. Plumeria-loving even form societies that appreciate Plumeria