Sunday, October 19, 2014


Allamanda is a genus of perennial plants belonging to the Plant Family Apocynaceae. The plants have long stems having trumpet-shaped flowers. The plants are vines that can climb up the heights of tall trees. Often, when grown within an environment covered with trees the plant can climb to the top of the trees and decorate the trees with their blight coloured flowers.

The most common is Allamanda cathartica with yellow flowers. But other types are also available in the nurseries. One such species making it way up in popularity in Malaysia is the pink Allamanda or Allamanda blanchetii.

The leaves vary among species. For example,  Allamanda cathartica has shiny leaves but
Allamanda cathartica has dull coloured leaves with fine hairs on the surfaces.

 Allamanda cathartica

Allamanda blanchetii.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fruit Smoothies Yogurt

Nowadays fruit smoothies are becoming very popular among the youngsters. It has the advantage of fibre retention over regular fruit juice drink. The regular fruit juice drinks are strained before serving, while in the smoothies the fibres are macerated to fine particles. The smoothies are therefore thick and can give the feel of full stomach when taken to a large portion. This feeling can be enhanced by adding corn flick or oats.

Several fruits can be used in proportions according to personal liking. I have tried several combinations such as the one shown in the photo below:

1. Half a banana
2. A slice of  pineapple
3. One green kiwi fruit
4. A small slice of lemon with the skin
5. Half of regular size tomato
6. Half of sweet pepper (green or red)
7. A small portion of dried yellow raisin
8. A portion of corn flake/oats (amount: personal preference)
9. Milk (amount: personal preference)
10.  Natural yogurt (amount: personal preference)
11. Concentrated fruit juices (to add sweetness, if needed)

Selected fruits


1. Blend the raisin and corn flakes in cold water until no large pieces remain.
2. Add other ingredients and blend well.
3. Add ice cubes and bled well.
4. Pour into a glass
5. Put Hershey's chocolate on top to add  flavour

Final product

The fruit can be varied, but the tomato and the sweet pepper are essential ingredients to give a unique taste that "tickle" the base of the nose.