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The Surah (Chapter) Al-Hadid is the 57th surah of the Al-Qur'an. he Al-Qur'an is  divided into 30 sections of equal length, and this surah is placed at the end of the 27th of 30 sections. The scholars agree that this surah was revealed in Madinah Al-Munawwarah. The emphasis in this chapter is the struggle for truth and justice.

The truth of utmost important is the oneness of God. No partner should ever be associated with Him, for the is no other god except Him alone.  Mankind and the jinn were created to enslave themselves to only Allah Ta'ala. For the truth is, God has appointed and sent messengers to every people and in every moment of times.

Prophets (Messengers) were sent to the people in a package comprised of four items, namely the evidence (and signs), the holy book, the Mizan (balance) and iron. Iron is essential for the enforcement team to implement legal decisions that are based on Al-Kitab and Al-Mizan in order to uphold justice.

(Al-Hadiid 57:25)


"We sent aforetime our apostles (Rasul; Rusul) with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book (Al-Kitab) and the Balance (of Right and Wrong) (Al-Mizan), that men may stand forth in justice; and We sent down Iron (Al-hadid), in which is (material for) mighty war, as well as many benefits for mankind, that Allah may test who it is that will help, Unseen, Him and His apostles: For Allah is Full of Strength, Exalted in Might (and able to enforce His Will)". (Yusuf Ali Translation)

"We have already sent Our messengers (Rasul; Rusul) with clear evidences and sent down with them the Scripture (Al-Kitab) and the balance (Al-Mizan) that the people may maintain [their affairs] in justice. And We sent down iron (Al-hadid), wherein is great military might and benefits for the people, and so that Allah may make evident those who support Him and His messengers unseen. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might".(Sahih International Translation)

"We sent Our messengers (Rasul; Rusul) with clear evidence and through hem We bestowed the book from on high, setting the balance,so that people could uphold justice. We have also sent down iron, with its mighty strength and diverse uses for mankind. Thus Allah may mark out those who stand up for Him and His messengers.even though He is beyond the reach of human perception. Allah is indeed powerful, almighty"(In the Shade of Al-Quran Translation)

In this verse,iron is said to be brought down (anzalna; nazzalna) from the the sky. In the Al-Quran the words anzalna and nazzalna are used when Allah revealed scripture and mizan to the Prophets and Messengers. Similar words are used concerning rain that falls from the sky. Hence, the belief that iron has extra-terrestrial origin is correct, meaning that, many years ago the earth recieved "rain" of meteor containing iron.

Theoretically the temperature of the earth (centre of the earth) is not hot enough for iron to be synthesized. It needs temperatures much higher than the temperature of our solar system. That temperature can only be generated by a planet very much bigger than our sun. The bigger the planet, the higher will be the pressure within the planet. The higher the pressure, the higher will be the temperature. The high presure combined with the high temperature causes the plant to explode sending its components in all directions at high speed. Some of the meteors bombarded the earth, thus providing the earth with a very valuable material.

 Wallau aalam.



Balance (Al-Mizan) = set of laws and procedures ordained by the creator of the universe to uphold