Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Some years age I attended a farewell dinner. There was a session where one can give a riddle and others competed to get the correct answer. Below is one riddle that I still remember:

Richard and Simon were talking to each other at a hospital lobby. Both of them were preparing to bring home their wives and their newborn babies.

A thid man, Tom, arrived and after hesitation he recognised Richard. They were high school clasmates, and had not met since leaving school. Richard told Tom that his wife had just given birth and they named her Donna. Simon named his baby Lisa.

Tom excused himself because his wife was about to give birth. Before departed they made a promise to meet again soon.

When Richard and Tom did met, Tom told Richard that he also named his baby Donna.

Question: Why did Tom named his baby Donna?

Answer :  Tom's wife gave birth to a baby girl
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