Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cordyline fruticosa

Cordyline fruticosa is an ornamental plants from the plant family Asparagaceae.  Cordyline fruticosa is one of the 15 species of this family.  The Genus is said to be native to the countries in southeast Asia, Melanesia, northeastern Australia, the Indian Ocean, Polynesia. Based on leaf colour, the plant can be grouped into three types, which are green type, red-brown type and mixed type.  The plant can be easily grown and requires minimal care.

Dracaena reflexa

Dracaena reflexa, is an ornamental plant belonging to the the plant family Asparagaceae. Basically there are two types,  which are the non-variegated and variegated types. The former has a nickname song of Jamaica and the later song of India. In Malaysia, both types are commonly found in buildings as potted plants or on the ground  in house compound or recreational areas.  The plant can be easily grown and requires minimal care.

Hymenocallis speciosa

Hymenocallis speciosa is an ornamental plant from the plant Family Amaryllidaceae. The plant can be propagated by bulb. It a common ornamental plant found in house compounds and public gardens. It readily grow with minimal care. The flowers are white and produce nice smell.