Monday, September 1, 2014


Plumeria is a genus of tree plant with about eight species. The plants belong to the Family Apocynaceae. The stem are not particularly made of hard wood. The stem undergoes branching at a distance of about 0.3 - 0.6 meters, giving rise to three branches at each level of branching. This means that after three levels of branching there will be about 27 branches.  Flowers typically arise at the tip of each branch.  The stem when cut cause white latex to ooze out of the cut surface.

The flowers  can have rend, pink, yellow or white flower. The strength of the colour may be of  softer of brighter shades depending on the species or cultivars. Each flower has five petals. Sometimes the petals may contain more than one colour.  The plant is grown as ornamental in pots or on the ground and are found in many countries all over the world. Plumeria-loving even form societies that appreciate Plumeria