Friday, December 18, 2015

NCAA Footbal Playoff

The post season bowls have started  and the teams taking part are very excited. Every team and supporters want to win the bowl game, but participation in itself is already an enjoyable occasion. But all eyes are focused the NCAA Football Playoff which starts with the semifinal games between one-loss Alabama and Michigan State, and between the unbeaten and number one-ranked Clemson and Oklahoma. The games are schedule to be played on December 31st. The winners will play in the final on January 12th.

Predictions seem to favour a final between Alabama and Oklahoma. I would-like to predict that way too, but deep inside me the game between Alabama could turn to be a repeat of last year's semi-final results.  But Alabama can win if Jake Coker plays plays well and the pass defense can stop the Michigan State pass offense.  Then, leave it to  running back Derrick Henry to complete the rest of the story.

But the result will be always the way that Allah want it to be.

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