Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Furcraea foetida

Furcraea  is a genus from the Plant Family Asparagaceae. There many species of  included in the genus Furcraea.  The species Furcraea foetida is stemless or having a short stem. The leaves are green to yellowish green. They are broad at the centre and taper towards the basal and distal ends. 

The species of the genera Agave and Furcraea are many and appear to be closely similar to the eye of common people. Unless someone is an expert, it is safer to name a plant having the look of  Agave and Furcraea to limit naming up to the genus or even the family levels. It may be much safer to call them by their common names.  In this blog, it has constantly been the practice of the author to regard the information as amateurish and has no academic value.


Mudskipper is a group of fish spend most of its time outside the water. It can walk and skip on mud and solid soils.  One the genera of this fish is Periophthalmus sp. 

These pictures were taken from the Kuala Selangor Nature Park  or locally known as Taman Alam Kuala Selangor.  In this natural park bird watching can be an interesting adventure. It could serve to augment an assignment at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park