Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lechenaultia biloba

The genus Lechenaultia  belongs to the Plant Family Goodeniaceae, Order Asterales. Some species are native to Australia. A small shrub plant species, named Lechenaultia biloba, was observed at the King Part and Botanic Garden in Perth.  The plant bears beautiful blue flowers, and hence commonly known as Blue Leschenaultia. The petals are bi lobed at the distal end.    Its blue flowers impose their presence. It is easily visible even when planted in areas crowded with other flowering plants.


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Lechenaultia biloba -

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Alabama-Arkansas Series

Alabama  at Arkansas this weekend has great implications for both the Crimson Tides and the Razorbacks.  For the visitors, with a win they can hold on to the number 1 or number 2 in national ranking. A loss may result in either Texas A& M or Tennessee jumping to top 4 or 5, while Alabama may be out of top 4 ranking.

For Arkansas a win followed by another win next weekend may lift them into the top 10 of national ranking. A close loss may keep them in the top 25.   A big loss may mean bye bye to top 25.  In addition Arkansas have a motivation to stop ten straight loss to Alabama.
The last time they beat Alabama was in 2006.

Arkansas's chance to win may rest in the ability of the defense team to stop Alabama's on ground offense, whereby  Arkansas must keep the score down, while they themselves steal points here and there.  If Arkansas can limit Alabama to 26 points, they may have a chance to win. Go Go Razorbacks.