Saturday, May 7, 2016

Petrea volubilis

Petrea volubilis is an evergreen woody plant of the plant Family Verbenaceae. The woody stem often thin and support is needed to sustain upright growth. The leaves may be slightly ruffles and the surface is rough to the touch. The star-shaped flowers are blue or purplish blue in colour.  Each flower has five longer and narrower sepals and fine darker petals. The petals fall down much earlier than the sepals, which can persist for much longer time.

If can form good growth on the side of fences or buildings. It can also be grown besides a pergola.  Most of the plant body can occupy the top of the pergola. Branches can hang down the perimeter. At flowering time it can from a magnificent scenery.   The flowers extend down as long racemes carrying clusters of individual purple flowers just like Wisteria.

The plant may be propagated by cutting. The plant in the pictures have grown up to three meters but after few years it started to die (Top). When examined the roots were infected. The plant was uprooted and the roots were cleaned, and then treated with fungicide. The plant was cut into pieces and then vegetatively propagated. The stump of the original plant (above, left) and some cuttings grew into into healthy plants.